Tornado A-5 Ex pump for liquid additives

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TORNADO peristaltic dosing pumps are used to supply liquid additives to concrete during dry and wet shotcrete work.

The pump delivers the liquid admixture from the tank to the mixing chamber of the shotcrete nozzle, where the admixture is mixed into the shotcrete.

The pump is equipped with a flow meter and capacity adjustment, which allows you to set the exact dosage of the additive.

  • The dosing pump is connected to the shotcrete unit via a control cable.
  • Equipped with a flow meter.
  • Compatible with various shotcrete rigs.
  • Warranty period of operation of the unit is 12 months from the date of sale.

Why Choose A-5 Ex

One person is enough to move the unit
Capacity gets smoothly adjusted within the full range
Components are produced in Italy and Germany

Technical Specifications

Technical data Unit Value
Working temperature °C up +5°C to +50°C
Theoretical output m³/hour 40-190
Working hose cross section dn 10
Hose cross section for connection dn 20
Injection pressure kgf/cm² 8
Rotor speed min⁻¹ 17-78
Drive power kw 0,37
Drive type 380b/660b 50 hz

Saving 45% in operating costs

Equipment downtime due to the ease of operation, connection, and cleaning
Component costs compared to European counterparts
Air supply expenses due to consumption amount starting at 5 m³/min

Saving 45% in operating costs

Basic Configuration

  • Shotcrete nozzle DU32 C assembled, 1 pc
  • Rapid coupling CQT-2
  • P nozzle tip DU32 C 450*35*23
  • Water supply hose DU18
  • Abrasion-resistant hose А1 DU32 20m
  • Sealing plate PU AC-1
  • Air supply hose DU32

Additionally Required

  • A compressed air supply at a rate of at least 3 m³/min
  • Water supply with a pressure of at least 1.5 atm
  • Electricity power of at least 3 kW
  • Set of hoses for mixture, water, and air supply

Optional Parts

  • Remote control
  • Explosion-proof electric motor
  • Air motor
  • Skid frame
  • Rail chassis
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Hoses of various diameters
  • Shotcrete nozzles DU32/DU42

Payment Options

Leasing program
Deferred payment plan
Equipment buyout at the conclusion of works