AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine

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The AC-3 is based on the rotor principle of work. The performance of the AC-3 shotcrete equipment delivers a large margin of safety for operation in harsh conditions, as well as the versatility of dry and wet methods. The machine is recommended to be used for large amounts of laying shotcrete concrete in the conditions of mines, tunneling, and for mounting slopes.

  • Impressive vandal-resistant construction with a 10-fold safety margin.
  • Easy to move around the construction site.
  • Ability to work with both dry and wet methods.
  • Height of loading is 1,2 m.
  • Ability to work with a filler fraction of up to 20 mm.
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Why Choose AC-3

One person is enough to move the unit
Capacity gets smoothly adjusted within the full range
Mixture is conveyed without pulsation
Hoses don't get clogged and are easy to clean
Components are produced in Italy and Germany
Unit can works in start-stop mode
Hopper is at level of 1 meter above the ground
Operation cost can be reduced by 45%

Technical Specifications

Technical data Unit Electric drive Explosion proof model
Electric motor Air motor
Working temperature °C up +5°C to +50°C up +5°C to +50°C
Dosing rotor volume dm³ 9 9
Bunker volume dm³ 70 70
Theoretical output* m³/hour 3,0-6,5 6 3,0-6,5
Dosing rotor rotaion speed min⁻¹ 6-12 6-12
Air compressor pressure mPa 0,5 0,5
Air consumption total m³/min 8,0-10 8,0-10 18-20
Air consumption for pneumatic vibrator m³/min 0,5 - 0,7 0,5 - 0,7
Drive power kW 7,5 5,5 13
Drive type 3 х 380В 50 Hz 3х380/660В 50 Hz air motor
Transport distance horizontally, dry method m to 200 to 200
Transport distance vertically, dry method m to 100 to 100
Transport distance horizontally,wet method m to 60 to 60
Transport distance vertically, wet method m to 40 to 40

Saving 45% in operating costs

Equipment downtime due to the ease of operation, connection, and cleaning
Component costs compared to European counterparts
Air supply expenses due to consumption amount starting at 5 m³/min

Saving 45% in operating costs

Basic Configuration

  • Shotcrete nozzle DU32 C assembled, 1 pc
  • Rapid coupling CQT-2
  • P nozzle tip DU32 C 450*35*23
  • Water supply hose DU18
  • Abrasion-resistant hose А1 DU32 20m
  • Sealing plate PU AC-1
  • Air supply hose DU32

Additionally Required

  • A compressed air supply at a rate of at least 3 m³/min
  • Water supply with a pressure of at least 1.5 atm
  • Electricity power of at least 3 kW
  • Set of hoses for mixture, water, and air supply

Optional Parts

  • Remote control
  • Explosion-proof electric motor
  • Air motor
  • Skid frame
  • Rail chassis
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Hoses of various diameters
  • Shotcrete nozzles DU32/DU42

Works performed with AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine

Strengthening of mine passages

Strengthening of mine passages

Company: Private limited company "Kaztsynk"
The company is in the business of construction and repair work in mines.
Strengthening of mine passages in Ridder, Kazakhstan.
AC-3 shotcrete machine was used.
Using the shotcrete machine, repairs were performed to strengthen the passageways. Dry-mix shotcreting method was used.
Used Equipment:
AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine
Shotcreting of swimming pools

Shotcreting of swimming pools

Company: Stone Pools
The company is in the business of constructing and repairing swimming pools in Ukraine, in 10 years of existence, they have built about 150 swimming pools of different configurations and sizes.
Shotcreting of swimming pools
Ac-3 shotcrete machine was used during these works
The construction of 3 swimming pools in the territory of Lviv and Transcarpathian regions has already been completed. The cost of work execution decreased by 30% due to the formless method of curvilinear forms construction.
Used Equipment:
AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine
Repairs of reactor and regenerator

Repairs of reactor and regenerator

Company: Nizhnekamsk-Teplomontazh company
Specialize in the construction of engineering structures
To repair reactor and regenerator in the plant shop within a short period of time — 20 days.
We chose AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine in for its power and productivity.
The machine is used for planned and major repairs of lining in blast furnaces, shotcrete chutes and gas ducts at metallurgical enterprises.
Used Equipment:
AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine AC-3 dry and wet mix shotcrete machine
"It is a powerful piece of equipment. It was faster than we expected, and the customer was happy" Gaziz Vagizovich Director of CJSC Nizhnekamsk-Teplomontazh

Payment Options

Leasing program
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Equipment buyout at the conclusion of works