How to choose shotcrete equipment?

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How to choose shotcrete equipment?

The choice of shotcrete equipment depends on which shotcrete process you are using, how much concrete you need to apply, and where the procedure will take place. But still, first, it is crucial that the equipment meets all modern requirements, and all the components are fully functional.

For wet-mix process shotcreting, it is important that the machine provides a continuous flow and uniform distribution of the mixture over the surface.
For this purpose, shotcrete machines with dual piston pumps with a hydraulic drive from an electric or diesel engine are a perfect solution.

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the volume of mixture you are going to use, as the size of the dosing bunker depends on it. For the application of fine-grained, dry, and dense mixtures, it makes no sense to choose a large volume bunker as these mixtures usually do not take up much space, even when large quantities of mixture are used. But if the work scope is large and you will not have time to add hardening agent manually, special attention should be paid to dosing devices with a maximum working range that should cover the largest possible dosage of accelerant multiplied by the amount of concrete; while for small amounts of work, it can also be added manually. Additionally, pay attention to where shotcrete works will be performed as there is often no possibility of placing large machines when working on small areas. Note that wet-mix process shotcrete equipment is usually more compact than that for dry-mix process owing to their application areas.

If the work is limited to decorative or its scope is quite small, it is best to choose a hopper – a device that allows you to apply any type of liquid mixtures. You can use it to scoop the prepared mixture out of the container and press the handle to apply it under pressure.

Dry-mix shotcrete machines are mostly of the rotary type. This allows you to change the production rate by changing the disk. When choosing a dry-mix shotcrete machine, it is necessary to consider the rebound rate of the material, since it varies from 2% to 20% depending on the equipment you use, so you should either purchase more material in advance or choose a machine with a low rebound rate. The mobility of the machine is of particular importance because they are often used for underground work or reinforcement of underground structures, it is important that the machine can be moved around easily , in some cases it must also work in conditions of steep inclination. Also consider the degree of dust generation of these machines, it can be quite high, so it can negatively influence the quality of work in confined spaces.