AC-4 shotcrete plastering machine

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The AC-4 is a pneumo supercharger, which provides unprecedented versatility – from preparation and transport of the mixture in quality of mortar pump to plastering and shotcreting – all this produced by a single machine. Replaceable nozzles and nozzle holders allow you to adapt the machine to the desired type of work. In the design of the equipment, there are no consumable parts.

  • Pumps hard concrete with mobility from P1 and segments up to 16 mm.
  • Significantly smaller and more compact than similar equipment.
  • The ability to prepare mixtures in the machine itself.
  • Ability to use as a plaster station and for the semi-dry screed.
  • Ability to use as a mortar pump
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Why Choose AC-4

One person is enough to move the unit
Capacity gets smoothly adjusted within the full range
Mixture is conveyed without pulsation
Hoses don't get clogged and are easy to clean
Components are produced in Italy and Germany
Unit can works in start-stop mode
Hopper is at level of 1 meter above the ground
Operation cost can be reduced by 45%

Technical Specifications

Technical data Unit Value
Theoretical output m³/hour 0,5-1,5*
Volume of the working capacity dm³ 150
Available diameter of the material hose mm 25/32/38/42/50
Minimal mobility of the working mixture P2
Maximum particle size of conveyed material mm 8-16**
Horizontal transport distance m 40-140***
Vertical transport distance m 15-60***
Required air inlet pressure MPa 0,5-0,6
Air consumption in shotcrete mode m³/min 1,5
Air consumption in plaster station mode m³/min 0,5
Motor capacity kW 1,5
Grid connection 380 V 50 Hz / 220 V 50 Hz

Saving 45% in operating costs

Equipment downtime due to the ease of operation, connection, and cleaning
Component costs compared to European counterparts
Air supply expenses due to consumption amount starting at 5 m³/min

Saving 45% in operating costs

Basic Configuration

  • Shotcrete nozzle DU32 C assembled, 1 pc
  • Rapid coupling CQT-2
  • P nozzle tip DU32 C 450*35*23
  • Water supply hose DU18
  • Abrasion-resistant hose А1 DU32 20m
  • Sealing plate PU AC-1
  • Air supply hose DU32

Additionally Required

  • A compressed air supply at a rate of at least 3 m³/min
  • Water supply with a pressure of at least 1.5 atm
  • Electricity power of at least 3 kW
  • Set of hoses for mixture, water, and air supply

Optional Parts

  • Remote control
  • Explosion-proof electric motor
  • Air motor
  • Skid frame
  • Rail chassis
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Hoses of various diameters
  • Shotcrete nozzles DU32/DU42

Works performed with AC-4 shotcrete plastering machine

Construction of the market building

Construction of the market building

Company: Limited liability partnership "Molibden Teplo Stroi" (Molybdenium Thermal Building", Atyrau, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The company is in the business of constructing and repairing various buildings and structures
Construction of the market building in Atyrau
AC-4 shotcrete machine was used during these works.
Reinforcement of layered masonry using wet-mix shotcreting. Additionally, a layer of decorative plaster layer was applied.
Used Equipment:
AC-4 shotcrete plastering machine AC-4 shotcrete plastering machine

Payment Options

Leasing program
Deferred payment plan
Equipment buyout at the conclusion of works